Cullen's Greatest Son

Cullen's greatest son is a Worldwide known literary name
But he remains as he was before his ascension to fame
He retains the common touch despite his poetic rise
That culminated in his winning of the Whitbread Poetry Prize

A down to earth genius of him one can say
With words Bernard O' Donoghue surely has a way
From Cullen in Duhallow to lecturing in Oxford greatness is his due
And despite his great achievements to his higher self he remains true

As a Duhallow literary ambassador he is widely known
But the people of Cullen claim him for their own
In the Literary World a writer of note
One who deserves the acclaim of a major poet

Long after the life from his body has gone
His poems and his essays will surely live on
A high place in literature he does attain
And despite his success great humility he does retain

That we age as we live is beyond our control
And eventually time on all life does take toll
In Cullen in Duhallow Bernard O' Donoghue first saw light of day
But his life's journey for him from there may end far away.

by Francis Duggan

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