Fulfilling Passion

Ideas flowing spontaneously through tempos and rhythms
in music, touching and tantalizing every moment of life,
introducing various subjects rapidly into my mind.

Soaring into flights of fantasy and imagination along
roads and pathways of reality, seeing sights that fas-
cinate me through nature.

Giving me pause, thinking automatically and blending
with abstracts, coming up with new and enticing lines
to arrange into prose.

Fulfilling my essence and passion, revitalizing and re-
freshing intellect constantly, keeping mind and brain
electrically focused on anything in life that happens to
come along.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (10)

An awesome reality unfolded with utmost delicacy depicting the scenarios existing among human beings as a result of color discrimination and prejudices etc.
Truly a great and exceptional write. His use of language back in the day plus lines laced with simplicity is authentic. Powerful words yet softens the senses. A gifted read.
.......only humans do what animals will not...
Absolutely amazing. The poem speaks of the African-American soprano Mary Violet Leontyne Price. As i always say Langston Hughes is so deep, he plays on words and even uses a foreign language (German) . His social commentary of the time was eloquently done. I love this poem.
the best poem i have ever read in my life on the theme of poverty and discrimination
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