Cumberland Fells

Dark ebony in the morning light
Cloud screened with swirls of misty white
In day, cool green with purple patched
Stone walls, few buildings, never thatched
Deep azure while the evening stays
Pale shadow by the starlight rays.
Odalisque The jewel in her navel is a beacon of delight
Promising the passions of the warmly perfumed night
Her destiny, her purpose, her mind and body too
Are formed and framed and fashioned to be a dream come true

Exotic form and features, the dark black starry eyes
Skin so smooth and shaven, the gleaming ivory thighs
The clinging multi coloured effervescent silken robe
The gentle practised fingers, well trained to touch and probe.
Incantation Eye of toad and tail of newt
Heart of frog and Yew Tree fruit
Boil and mix and stir in meat
Gathered from the Gallows feet.

Pour Water from the Magic Well
Stir and stir and cast your Spell
Demons Witches Elves and Sprites
Shall serve your will ten days and nights.

by George Crosby

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