FRA (March 29 / Cabagan, Isabela, Philippines)


Today I complete another year in God’s Kingdom.
I awoke, rose to the chirping of swallows,
Went out to the veranda to praise the Lord
For wide sky and long sierras and a valley heavy with corn.
And suddenly I remembered a parable from Down Under:

There was this master of a an estate who called
One of his servants and gifted him with a superb stallion.
This is for you, the master said.
And what about me, said another servant. Do I get anything?
Oh, said the master; see that stable there? It’s yours.

And the servant ran to the stable, opened it and saw it
Full of shit from ground to ceiling.
At once he got a shovel and started digging, saying:
There’s got to be a horse in here!

[This is the word of the Lord.]

Poetry in garbage-shit.

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Cumpleanos - son aniversario del nacimiento de un persona Once a year to celebrate the date of being gifted by God with life and see the nature of the world by a person. In simple word - Birthday. An interesting thoughts nicely written in celebrating a birthday and behind it has its humor at the end of the poem - meaning the birthday was celebrated with good laugh - happy. Very nice Father...Amen...........................10