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Cup Of Ashes
BB Beggar Boy (Nov.1984 / )

Cup Of Ashes

Cup of Ashes here tonight
Here to talk of my damnable plight
Lost in tears, lost in flight
Without sound, without sight

Can you hear me, O Divinity?
Can you perceive my misery?
Broken, chained, lost at sea
Meandering in my ocean called Apathy

Fading, fading; this little flower
Losing hope; losing courage by the hour
S.O.S. to the Strongest Power:
Send Your grace, and love please shower!

It's a devilish place,
This deserted space
No water, not even a trace
Where depravity and Divinity come face to face.

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Comments (3)

awesome poem man! ! ! ! it seems that ur heart and brain thinks and breaths the same feelings and thoughts which my mind does! ! i not only read ur poem but felt it man! !
Thought provoking, splendid rhyme, well done! Patricia
This is a very profound poem...something good to read when one wishes to think. Excellent word choice, interesting rhyme, and the end...'Where depravity and Divinity come face to face, ' is such an interesting paradox...would be interesting to see how one affects the other.