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Divine Love

Divine Love

I am enwrapped in Love.
No need of submission for me!
Each vein of mine throbs
With divine sound
The Brahmin's girdle I need not
To wear round my neck
O ignorant doctor,
Get off from my bedside
And try your medicine,
In some other place
There is no cure for Lover's ills
Save the sight of his beloved's face-
Other than this,
No medicine does he need.
If there be no rower in our boat,
Let there be none:
We have God in our midst:
The rower we do not need.
The people of the world say
Khusrau is an idol-worshipper
So he does, so he does;
I care a fig!
For what the world says

KHUSRAO (translation)

by Mohammad Younus Koul

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No matter if its rain or shine get that coffee in me and I'll be just fine a simple and a fine theme well exposed......... thalnk you dear poet. tony
Love this Dorsey and love coffee