SG (2nd October / London)

Cup Of Rain

He’s written his rules
In invisible ink
She’s thirsty for answers
But can’t get a drink

She’s certain of nothing
And unsure of all
Like walking a tight rope
And waiting to fall

No courage to question
In case he withdraws
He might start to think
She’s sharpening her claws

She wants not to ask him
For what he can’t give her
A cup full of rain,
Won’t give you a river.

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Very good rhyme and sense of humor.
Absolute Genious.Your A Star! Love Duncan
Gyp's~ This is a wonderful poem! My favorite stanza is the first one. Such great imagery. Especially 'she's thirsty for answers...' Flows nicely in a poem with the title 'Cup of Rain'. I also liked, 'A cup full of rain, Won’t give you a river.' Such a grim reminder of those who aren't willing to even meet you half way in a relationship. Such is life, I suppose...I love how you turned a somewhat saddening topic into such a beautiful poem. There's a softness to it...maybe that's the rain image in my head. Anyway, Great Poem! :) ~Courtney
I like this, you have managed to convey perfectly what it feels like to be in the dark, and scared to ask for light incase it's all too much and the bulb blows! Moyaxx
Very well done here Gyp's. avr
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