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Fairy Song
SG (2nd October / London)

Fairy Song

The moonlight fades from flower and rose
And the stars dim one by one;
The tale is told, the song is sung,
And the Fairy feast is done.
The night-wind rocks the sleeping flowers,
And sings to them, soft and low.
The early birds erelong will wake:
'T is time for the Elves to go.

O'er the sleeping earth we silently pass,
Unseen by mortal eye,
And send sweet dreams, as we lightly float
Through the quiet moonlit sky;--
For the stars' soft eyes alone may see,
And the flowers alone may know,
The feasts we hold, the tales we tell;
So't is time for the Elves to go.

From bird, and blossom, and bee,
We learn the lessons they teach;
And seek, by kindly deeds, to win
A loving friend in each.
And though unseen on earth we dwell,
Sweet voices whisper low,
And gentle hearts most joyously greet
The Elves where'er they go.

When next we meet in the Fairy dell,
May the silver moon's soft light
Shine then on faces gay as now,
And Elfin hearts as light.
Now spread each wing, for the eastern sky
With sunlight soon shall glow.
The morning star shall light us home:
Farewell! for the Elves must go.

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Comments (10)

Very good rhyme and sense of humor.
Absolute Genious.Your A Star! Love Duncan
Gyp's~ This is a wonderful poem! My favorite stanza is the first one. Such great imagery. Especially 'she's thirsty for answers...' Flows nicely in a poem with the title 'Cup of Rain'. I also liked, 'A cup full of rain, Won’t give you a river.' Such a grim reminder of those who aren't willing to even meet you half way in a relationship. Such is life, I suppose...I love how you turned a somewhat saddening topic into such a beautiful poem. There's a softness to it...maybe that's the rain image in my head. Anyway, Great Poem! :) ~Courtney
I like this, you have managed to convey perfectly what it feels like to be in the dark, and scared to ask for light incase it's all too much and the bulb blows! Moyaxx
Very well done here Gyp's. avr
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