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Cup Of Tolerance
JG Joscephine Gomez (15 September / Manila, Philippines)

Cup Of Tolerance

Leave Manila at 5: 00 A.M.?
I agreed.
All of you couldn't make it
even at seven
I said not a word.

You went North
when I had directed South
straight, when I said 'left'
lines became circles
and circles became lines
others would have screamed.
Time for you to drink
from my cup of

(5: 53 to 5: 54 P.M.)
(24 April 2007)

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Comments (5)

WOW, Your writings flow so coherent and alive. Thank you for the teachings.
Joscephine - you've captured in a minute what life is all about! Fabulous... Rgds, Ivan
It's a necessary emollient sometimes in this world of flawed human beings. The only problem is that some people have to come through with a lot more of it than others - who exploit it. Very well expressed, with an understandable element of frustration in the mix. Clever and realistic writing. xxx jim
Firmly and cleverly written. So many of us feel your pain. Tolerance often has to kick in when respect is not reciprocal.
More civility and tolerance is needed in this world of ours. Excellent write, Joscephine. Warmest regards, Sandra