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Curfew An Epic Tale
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Curfew An Epic Tale

Poem By ivor or ivor.e hogg

A deep toned bell heard loud and clear.
which resonates between the walls.
Awakens echoes far and near
they disappear and silence falls.

This was a great metropolis.
The pace of life was furious
and now it is reduced to this.
A warning for the rest of us.

When men grow too ambitious
and fail to heed the warning signs
Nature deems them iniquitous
and undermines their grand designs.

Men now live nearer to the soil
in small compact communities
and earn their bread by honest toil.
But still find opportunities

To gaze in wonder as they sigh
and listen to the tales the sages tell.
Of when tall towers reached the sky
and how and why the cities fell.

Too many mouths too little food
Their needs could not be satisfied
and by the time they understood.
Most of the population died.

of malnutrition and disease.
Only the young and strong survived
and they sought refuge in the trees
A simpler way of life revived.

Self supporting villages
became the order of the day.
Which brought renewed advantages
Mankind had found a better way.

After the first great city fell
the rest followed like dominoes.
In less time than it takes to tell.
To be expected I suppose.

Men were not meant to live in hives
like colonies of honey bees.
But follow individual lives
not as they had done previously.

Each living in their little cell
and knowing only one or two.
Venturing out to buy or sell
but only when they were forced to.

They were afraid of other men
and with good reason we are told..
Those times will never come again
when criminals were over bold.

Protected by anonymity
the stronger ones preyed on the weak.
The dark side of humanity
You need not go too far to seek.

Now we can live more peacefully
and fear our neighbours not at all,
We intermingle socially
and trust each other one and all.

We still have petty criminals
but they are punished for their crimes
According to clear principles
not as they were in olden times.

Cause and effect are seen to be
as sure as night must follow day.
Which seems to work effectively
Crime has a price which they will pay.

Now most of us know everyone
who lives in our community.
The faceless hordes completely gone
We share common humanity.

The ruined cities will decay.
Nature will reclaim her own.
In her own time in her own way.
Eventually be overgrown.

History is repetitive.
Though mankind’s very slow to learn.
A little too competitive
as empires rise and fall in turn.

Perhaps this time we’ve learned at last
A simple life is far the best.
No empires now to overcast.
Each man is equal with the rest.


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When I read this poem it makes me think of Conrad Black He is English And he is really called Sir Conrad Black