SB (06/02/1959 / Calcutta)


It was a rainy day.
The sky was shedding tears since morning.
The tall trees were being shaken virulently
by the flippant wind.
The thirsty soil was quenching her thirst
and belching a sigh of satisfaction.
I came out of my home and drenched myself
to feel the pulse of the pungent ire of the nature.
A snake hissed away hurriedly with an horrified air.
A frog hopped out of its bog to bounce in joy.
My sensuous skin responded to the lewd call of list.
I shivered with a queer sensation and rushed
to the park.
A pair of sparrows in a copulating posture
Were sitting on the twig of tamarind tree.
I was enjoying my first shower outside in the
nature, s pool with a jubilant mood.
The entire nature around me was looking point
blank at me with inquisitive look to assess
my delight dandified.
I felt as if I was all in one with the nature
dancing in divine glee.
My mortal mind melted into the
mesmerizing melody of the torrents ofof the
terrestrial trauma. the
the reason of my derilious delight enjoying
were sitting on the twig of a
to the park.
A frog hopprd our

I came out of my home and

by Sujoy Bhattacharya

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i can see sceneryso clear i love it...thank you very much
I felt as if I was all in one with the nature dancing in divine glee....... to be in rain is a real experience.... unlike the rain in Europe, the rain in india is not so cold and one can enjoy standing in the rain....... very fine and satisfying experience and the way you conveyed it was excellent........ thank you dear poet.... tony