CM (1/30/82 / baton rouge louisiana)

Less Problematic

Is it possible the obvious,
Will one day be admitted...
A wasting of time to debate.

Will it become less problematic,
If people agree to disagree.
Done more to appreciate opinions made.

Could it be a possibility,
Steps taken to move forward...
Will be accepted regardless,
Who suggest it to perceive...
They await to expect credit for it.

Is it...
A possibility the obvious,
Will one day be found pointless to discuss.
Leaving the doing,
Remembered to reminisce...
How foolish it was to fuss over it.
And then to cuss.
Disagreeing just to start an argument.
Just to create.
Then expect from another,
An explanation to make.

Is it possible,
The obvious...
That should not escalate,
To become problematic.
Could be left as it is.
Without calling someone 'stupid'.
With it done to then hear them say,
'Only a fool would choose to be an idiot.'

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