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Curious Michael?
HW (Too long ago / Albert Pike Hospital)

Curious Michael?

Poem By Hubert Wilson

Wonder of the globe!
Expansive probe!
Important as Leopold and Loeb!
Respected as Jobe!
Deliberating Michael, 'What's under the judge's robe? '

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One may be tempted to say, The best thing about this poem is its brevity. Who is proud, Who is prejudiced? As the ancient Sanskrit poet Kalidasa said, Lokoh binna ruchih, meaning, The world has many tastes. I am going to the Search Engine to find our who is Curious Michael.
A short and sweet though intriguing poem. Enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.
Very interesting poem, SHort and powerful.
Somewhat obscure. I doubt if new visitors to this site would follow, say, the third line? I recommend that for clarity you study such highly-ranked poets on this site such as Dr Herbert Nehrlich.