.-Curling Respires

Wispy calligraphy draws me into
The wintered blue that eyes and so lightly

Veils her shoulders in fine–twigged taupe lace
Fair weathers bop softly near southern skies

Drawn out curly-breaths send life to her clay
As if His chubby cheeks were blowing song

Ethereal devotions to concept
Ancient voyeur for many new quill-ed

Ones, their delicate nests now expose-d
Engineer-ings unique to their authors

Transitory weavings for feathered
Nurseries- playpens of precious plume-d

Three circle and play in her afternoon streams
Gliding peacefully in rays of salience

At a distance, leaves impersonate
Bouncing about on boughs like tiny mocking-

Birds in dappled light, obscured treasures
Dangling withered and dry high aloft

Soon to be gently sent floating to her
Soft moss-ed-beds of fragrant red cypress

Commingling whiffs trail in from heavens hearth
Warming contemplative lures to His love

(English Mountain, Tennessee
November 13,2006)

by Debora Short

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This moves like coins on ice, my dear! I've missed your fine pennings these past few months. as i too have been reduced to cameo appearances(with a bit 'o help from my 14 year old, who posted some old works of mine in June & July.This site is no longer what it once was...and what it could & should have been. We had some really fine talent gracing these pages for almost 2 years.Anyway...it's good to see you on site, Debora...keep in touch & keep those trademark couplets flowing! Frank/FjR