Curly Bill Brocius

There was an outlaw from Texas, called Curly Bill,
he robbed and murdered, just for the thrill,
fast with a gun, fast on the draw,
was Curly Bill Brocius, a famous outlaw,
he joined up with the old Clanton gang,
if he was caught he surely would hang,
the Clanton's stole cattle, where ever they rode,
when a mule train traveling with a heavy load,
was ambushed by the Clantons, and nobody cried,
the mule skinners bodies lay just where they died,
it was in Skeleton Canyon, where the ambush occurred,
on down to Tombstone, someone carried the word,
Wyatt Earp and a posse went hunting them down,
at Iron Springs, was where they were found,
according to ledgend, according to Earp,
when the fighting was over, Curly Bill, lay dead in the dirt,
there was no trial for Curly Bill,
gone was his life, along with his thrill,
for all of his bad deeds Curly Bill, finally did pay,
his final sentence, forever and a day.

written by Harry Bryant
8/25/04 11: 54: 59 AM �
all rights reserved

by Harry Bryant

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