Current Of Emotion

Not really sure how to expain this
I'm a poet with no words
I feel like I'm about to lose it
This feeling is absurd

Perhaps it's just that cheerful voice
The strum of that guitar
The fantasy of love untouched, unbroken, rejoiced
Making me want to know who you are

The sound of music in my head
It laps around my brain
Like water with the mountain as it's bed
Mysterious, crisp, cool, and clean

Perhaps I just like the thought
Of holding you in my arms
These feelings I have faced and fought
I don't want to cause any harm

So stop
Stop being there with your liquid grace
With eyes like a raging sea
No more sweet melodic ripples
That's enough for me

I can't stand the thought of being around you
Yet I hate to let you go
Your movements slow, the tempo graceful and true
Like a current I can't help but go with the flow

There is no damn to shelter me
No way to stop the flood
I'm caught roaring and crashing in a raging sea
But I won't leave I can't give up

I'm hoping I'll be able to stop this
I've tried to no avail
Because every time you look up, a hiss
The ocean is coming, El Nino begins to wail

by Eden Sheffroth

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Wow Eden I love this poem. It's beautiful :)