TTO ( / Washington State)

Curry & Rice- -Fraud & Vice

Redemption should not come at a price
As in feeding the hunger of the monster in green
It's salivating eyes long for a sainted power
While satisfying it's greed infested (hidden) mean.

Humanity and compassion should never render judgement
Nor should a betrayal of absolute honesty
While well hidden behind a bully pulpit of insulting rumors
As forgotten truths - beget nasty lies, eventual destiny.

Thoughtless actions while remembering words from the good book
While ugly words rob from anothers innocent plate
In an attempt to 'curry favor' in their own broken life
Unknown to them at death a closed gate in Heaven - their fate.


'Same old slippers
Same old rice
Same old glimpse
Of paradise'

'They had NU plans'
'And those blisters were giving them blisters'
'Define a hit without a drink - (Sugar) as in our sugar (91)
Thank you - - E.B. & D. L.! ! !
P.S. With a special thanks for the altered heat...(91)

By, Theo Onken

Causing a silent heart attack in me.

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