Outside a Castle, Tall
Taller Than the Stands in Professional Baseball
Hearing Mumbling and Groans
In Between the Bruised Gravestones

Grey Walls Tower over Me
I Surely Had To Flee
No! Deeper Into the Grounds I Went
Coming To a Door, I Entered With Great Intent

Skeletons Hanging From the Ceiling
I Did Not Enjoy This Feeling
Robes Draped From the Wall
Hoping I Wouldn’t Be Here For the Long Haul

Looking All Around
Wishing I Didn’t Go Deeper Into the Grounds
I Could See Something on the Far Side
Hopefully If I Got Closer, It Would Subside

Screams and Growls Were Heard
They Were Too Loud To Be a Timid Bird
Something Was On the Floor
As The Cold Blood Did Pour

Croaks and Clanks Tingled My Spine
There I See Lay, People in a Line
They Once Saw What I Saw
I Knew This Was My Time, For Sure

Carefully I Crept Over Them, Going Through the Nearest Door Frame
There I See My Reflection in a Flame
I Could Smell Something Vile In the Air
At This Point I Did Not Care

The Smell Was Too Much For Me
I Had To Break Free
Rotting Blood Was What I Could Smell
I Swore I Would Not Tell

I Can See Shadows on the Ceiling
Reflecting On the Walls Peeling
Shadows on the Floor
This Is Rattling My Core

Shadows on the Tower Tall
I Had To Keep My Cool
Curtains Swinging Left to Right
In This Reckless Stormy Night

I Can’t Believe My Eyes, a Monster in Black
Definitely Can Not Turn My Back
The Creatures Teeth Were Dyed Crimson Red
I Should Have Stayed Tucked Up In Bed

I Plunged Into Darkness
A Damsel in Distress
Silent, Silent, Silent I Went
I Had Finally Paid Life’s Rent

by Luke Davis

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