Cursed Shame Reviewed

Shame, that cursed killing shame,
cascading into flooding tears.
Feelings, is it me to blame?
Shame, the knife that cuts, that sears.

Seconds, feel like hours and hours,
minutes, expanding into days,
Gone the good, like milk that sours,
the food that poisons, alters gaze.

Energies capped, deeply sapped.
Life lost sight of, joyous, never.
Fears that one is lost, entrapped,
shame hovers now, feels for ever.

Deep, that dreaded masking shame
projecting into tortured space,
body twisted, so crippled, lame
shame, a devil vile, so hard to face.

Shame, now limping back to life,
glimpsing something once again.
Moving slowly, out of strife,
the feelings gentler, now and then.

by Susan Alldred Lugton

Comments (3)

A nice flow that belies the poem's message and creates a feel of unease. I liked it.
Love the rhyme and flow of this. Nice work Susan. Added to faves. Liz.
very nicely described.