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Cursed Shame
SAL (1946 / Dunedin New Zealand)

Cursed Shame

Poem By Susan Alldred Lugton

Shame, that cursed killing shame,
cascading into flooding tears.
Feelings, it is me to blame.
shame, the knife, cutting that sears.

Seconds, feel like hours and hours,
minutes, feel like the longest days,
Gone the good, like milk that sours,
the food that poisons, alters gaze.

Energies sapped, deeply sapped,
life lost sight of, joyous, never.
Fears that one is lost, entrapped,
shame hovers as if for ever.

Shame, that cursed killing shame
projects one into tortured space,
body twisted, so crippled, lame
shame, that devil so hard to face.

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here's some easy advice hard to follow cut the rope and be free (explorations of inner agony difficult though they may be find freedom in the end)
The shame is, feeling like this. We have all done things we are ashamed of, all of us, without exception. Often shame, is an emotion others press upon us. My advice, throw it off and get on with living in this beautiful world of ours. That's hard to do, but not impossible. 8 from me. All the best Tai