Poem By David Degnan

Before we ever had the chance to touch
born in my mind's eye
a silky black curtain
enveloping me
swaying gently
to the rythym of us

Your eyes open and meet mine
then close as you lean back
and take that curtain
I see your warm brown skin
wrinkle under my fingertips
as I gently squeeze

You contract around me
I close my eyes
and shiver with pleasure
I open my hands
to hold more of you
you press down onto me

The curtain is back
framing your face
tickling my shoulders
my ears
my chest
my soul

I pull you to me
we are skin to skin
fire to fire
our lips meet
all of me is in you
you surround me

The world falls away
no words are needed
to share this moment
there is only us
nothing exists
beyong the curtain

Comments about Curtain

ok ok a lil late with the comment but thats me :) I like this a lot, it was great but I must say... thanks for the visual lol I love ya
Wow.. love the passion.... didn't know you had it in ya...or her ewwwww..... Love your writing I will check back for more Love ya bro. Keith
Such passion in your write, bro.. great work... Welcome to PH.. lookin forward to reading more! ! Love ya, muah! ciao, Baby sista
OO I love how you love me, David... you are my soulmate. This is so beautiful, makes me cry.... awesome job hon! Love you, your Leebee

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