Curtain Closed

images whirled before the slavering blighter
he appreciated the perfectness of the rotating lights
the stars he imagined on the vertical horizon seemed so right
pictures drew themselves though hardly brighter
he spoke in languages that Ecstasy brings,
the colab of powder, the herb and the schnapps
revealed a man frailer than his pride, a twerp;
and in times thought he saw somthing that blings
he flew to the highest buoyancy of recorded degree
as he walked in careless, untimely waddles and defied his decree
the gap occupied between his synapses assured him of great pleasure
and his mind, familiar with this escape, no longer felt any pressure
he allowed hallucination to hold the fort
while he lost his flair to gather his limited thoughts
his character took a rather queer turn
a single ride and return was nothing simplest
he only worshipped the doping he overdosed
and staggered and lost his footing as the curtain closed

by Stella Sisanda Qishi

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Gal this is the real thing yea. Keep writing