the final curtain on one of the longest running
musicals ever, some people claim to have
seen it over one hundred times.
I saw it on the tv news, that final curtain:
flowers, cheers, tears, a thunderous
I have not seen this particular musical
but I know if I had that I wouldn't have
been able to bear it, it would have
sickened me.
trust me on this, the world and its
peoples and its artful entertainment has
done very little for me, only to me.
still, let them enjoy one another, it will
keep them from my door
and for this, my own thunderous

by Charles Bukowski

Comments (5)

A polite disagreement..indeed a good poem- 10
An unique way of presenting a contradictory perspective through such a nice poem.
Nice poem with twisted ending.
yea, king of last lines 'born to hustle roses down the avenue of the dead' is one.
Loner at heart was old Hank. Always seems to put an amusing twist at the end of his poems that ties the whole thing together so well. 9/10