Custom Made Blindfolds

Attempts made to have them see,
Their lives without limits and beyond trivia...
Would begin pointless arguments.
To then prevent to have end yet again,
The cementing of their expressed interests.

Networking with others to open doors,
In places dreamed they've never been before...
Dangled keys at a distance to be kept as a myth.
While leaving their minds behind and invested,
Protecting a pettiness.

Wanted much more than keys to unlock treasures,
To pick and do whatever they wish...
Was a need to feed 'hand-me-down' gossip,
And other misdeeds.
Knowing they could depend on this to do,
With a doing done indefinitely.

'What has happened to them?
Where are they now? '

Protesting the success of others.
And doing this while wearing custom made blindfolds.

'Huh? '

Please don't ask me to repeat it.
I want you to believe I exaggerate.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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protesting the success of others, let us learn from it, thanks.