Customize Your Peace

Sometimes it is best,
To turn away a shoulder.
Than have a pressured back,
Constantly bent over.
Carrying excess weight.
Somebody left to load.

Sometimes it is best,
To unstrap from the past.
Grab a hold of happiness.
With a joy to hope it lasts.

Learn to put a cold,
To your warm shoulders.
Don't be a target marked,
As an easy pushover.
Straighten up that back bent,
And customize your peace.

Put a little cold in,
Your known warm shoulders.
Let go of those who load,
On your back their crap.

Don't be a target...
As a pushover.
If it is not made clear,
A peace to wish...
Will never appear.

Customize your peace,
Straighten up a back bent over.
Let the people say,
Let them know your joy,
They won't kill.

Customize your peace.
Leave as that!
Know people will be talking.
More about your selfishness.
And a happiness you have.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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