CH (08/05/1988 / Johnstown, PA)


Slowly my thoughts turn to suicide,
And I wish for a quick release,
But instead a scream is all I confess.
Over and over your words play in my head,
And oh how I want you to free my soul,
But, instead you only give me pain,
And my brain twists into trying to be sane.
Way down inside, I feel you slice and churn,
Squeezing my blood from it's haven,
Silently screaming,
You press the knife down,
Once more.
With no tourniquet to put a rift in the precious flow,
It rushes and pours out,
Such a beautiful imperfection of freedom,
And then I'm released into an eternity from hell.
Just please never speak softly to me again,
I don't think I could take the kindness,
That you dare to spare me,
I just need you to cut me open once more.

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