I live in pain, I live in beauty,
In a sea of emotion, by saline water.

I am bonded, I am a puppet
Attached to strings, controlled by strings.

It's always too early, it's always too late,
think my life is just another 'try out' date.

Picking up strings every now and then, with
Hands so quick for this purpose alone made.

Beautiful, lethal
Slip out of hands too soft
For purpose this not made.

Beautiful, weak
Break into pieces in hands too harsh
For purpose this not made.



Breaking bonds is beautiful, it's painful.
Pain is beautiful, it's life,
Beautiful life.

by aniruddha raich

Comments (1)

I like the structure of your poem. The series of hyphens that looks on the page like a slit, a cut as you call it, is a nice effect, as well as the word 'cut' on its separate line. The series of hyphens also looks like a piece of string. Good work!