Cut Me Up

Take a knife and cut me up
If you hate me you wont stop
Make me feel the pain within
As your slitting through my

by chris urbaez Click to read full poem

Comments (7)

It's really deep and i love it and the rythm sceem is so goos and it makes sence
looks like my brother still got it
this is amazing piece of writing. will u read some of my dark poems. really good work, well done
this is great. creepy but in a good way. I like the way you put words together to make your message clear. I AM FOREVER JEALOUS OF YOUR POETRY! ! ! this is being favorited.
i love your poem i love dark poetry i write it my self have a look at im in control my new poem tel me what you think
Thats Really Deep! I Love that you can express your self this way, its a good stress reliever.
: o soo friffin deep! ! ......LOVE it! ! !