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Cut My Tongue

Cut my tongue

I sat there and conferred
With an ant as friend

"Be honest and confess…"
It told me while working:
"Your suffer and exile
Comes of you; it is yours
Your mistake…"

First angered then blushed
Lowered head
I heard what I forgot
From that good friend.

"You were there as teacher
Saw the kids when entered
All weary in wonder…
Of last night's incidents."

I listened carefully and with love:
"They talked and you questioned
Of their calls and parents; they
Told you that they were forbidden
You told them break door…"

Looked at me for reply
That was when I blushed
Story was fact of history:

"They listened and again an order
They obeyed and took arms
They shot and lost blood,
Were shot or shed blood…"

Sad is fact; I confess; I was cause
Air Force fell…Iran's Shah had fled
In 19…79, my act sealed and welded
Door became China's wall; no return
Cut my tongue…
Cut my tongue
Cut my tongue

by Nassy Fesharaki

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