Cut...Not Sure If This Counts As A Poem.

She cut down her arm
She sat there thinking her last thoughts
He comes in
He runs to her side
Calls for help
Asks her why did she do it
She has no reply
He screams why
She says get the hell away
Tis my time to die
The ambulance comes
They pick her up
And take her to the ambulance
The guy asks if he can come with them
They push him away
Scared he goes to her parents
Take me there
Take me to the hospital
They all drive away...
She wakes up in a white room
Notices shes not dead
As she looks to her right
She sees him sitting there
His head down
She asks why?
Why didn't u leave me there
I wanted to die
He replys I can't let u die
I love you too much to let u just die
She says I love you too but its my time
I have -
He cuts her off and says
No its not ur time to die
If you die I die as well
And its not my time to die
We both have reasons to live
Just let me show you them
They both walk out the hospital doors
And later that night
While hes asleep
She locks her self in the bath room
And cuts again
Watches as she dies
And writes one last note
I'm sorry
It is my time
And now I guess its yours too

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wow thats how my ex was with me in our relationship we just ended last saturday night
Wow...that's...interesting...i really liked it.