Cute And Generational

With a strategic shallowness uncontested,
It is not easy to mistake what is obvious.
But it is...
Quite mistaken.
An apparent surface fix needed.
To awaken those bred and fed their visions.
There is no depthness that connects...
Witless and made quick,
Those with judgemental observations.
Leaders have hired analysts,
To help them figure out what it is.
Within the hundreds of churches...
They have prayed to God,
To release upon them understanding.
But no one comprehends,
The magnitude of the ignorance...
That has descended upon them.
They think it's cute and generational!
Something like a family heirloom,
To be awarded as a treasure!
Sinking as a sunkened find...
And 'might' be given attention,
Once this shipwreck becomes an interest of discovery!
If not totally ignored forever!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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