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One cut, one moment of pain
I decided thats all it would take
So I locked myself in my room
Wrote a note to all my family and friends
Made sure I left no loose ends
I picked up the knife
Pushed it into my wrist
And drug it across my skin
Out came the blood
Then came the pain
Finally came the tears
Slowly making their way to the cut
Burning, scarring my exposed flesh
I look into the mirror
And decided it wasn't enough
I picked up the knife
And slowly but surely
Cut up my face
Cuts on my cheeks
Cuts on my forehead
Cuts all over my face
I decided this isn't enough
Finally giving up I wrote:
This is how I look on the inside
Pressed the blade to my chest
With a scream and died that night

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OMG! ! please don't tell me that's a true story.. i love the poem by the way, its just a bit shoking -curly