Poem By Jennifer Rondeau

She cuts her wrist,
Watch the blood drip,
She rip she soul out,
She cries at night,
There is no light shinning through her,
There is cuts everywhere,
Scars of remainder of her past,
Scars that won’t fade or wash away,
She brought this on herself,
She knew what she was doing,
She didn’t care to think that people cared for her,
She thought she was weak,
She tries not weep,
She never knew herself,
She never had the gaudiness of a mother,
She wanted a mother figure but never knew she would act out on the anger towards of a mother she never knew,
This girl is me.

Comments about Cuts

i will always be there for u i promise
STOP! STOP! STOP! please people do love okay so please don't hurt urself, cutting dosn't help it makes everything worse. i used to cut when i got yelled at but then i realalized how is this helping me? ? today i have the scars as a reminder that i will never do it again. life can be hard but u have to live through it. it will get better. (i should noe)
Nice poem in it you say the girl is you but it shouldnt be if ya ever think of cuttin dont it is not good ya can talk to me bout anything think of me as your friend your secrets i will keep just like i do for everyone people suffer enough pain and i try to releave it for them so they wont inflict anymore on them self but altogether a nice poem
the scares they stay they never go away i dont like them they remind me of why i did it which makes me whant to do it more so why do i do ti
I kind of like scares I have a lot, they remind me of Life....makes you tough Girl, dave xxx

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