VR (17th September 1990 / )

Cutters Life

Darkness surrounds me; pain is all I feel
Like I'm drowning in this air I breath is any of it real
Emotions overcome me; I cut but don't feel the pain
The storm of my life; my tears are the rain
People all around me; hurrying to pass me by
While I'm stuck in this moment slowly waiting to die
The one's I love seem to always go away
It's just not fair why do they leave and I stay
Life's full of joy and happiness or so they say
No one ever want's to talk about the corruption and the pain
If the world is so perfect then why do I want to leave
If everything is expected than why do I cover my arms with sleaves
Does it scare you to see the marks of my fears
When you see these cuts do you realise my tears
Just someone to tell me that they really care
To say those three words back; one love to share
I stand in a crowded room and yet I stand alone
I live in a house; it's not a home
No one could feel the way that I do
I loved you so much now look what you do
The thought of your touch, the vision of your smile
It drives me to do this; it drives me wild
Just say those words that you love me again
I'll put down the blade and never cut again
I lay in the water naked and free
As the warm temped water surrounds me
The water is so warm yet I feel so cold
Like my soul is being taken; for your love it's been sold
Once again I'm wrapped up in your warm and loving arms
Away from the reality and cruilty of all life's harms
I see all my loved ones that have passed me by
It has come to this; for your love I died.

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: (i know excatly what you mean... mmmm.. good poem really.