Cutting deeper
Cutting so deep
You touch the bone
Cutting deeper
Cutting so much
You take away all your skin
You take away all your blood
Lose all your blood
Lose all your skin
All the stress from not cutting...
Waiting for all of it to heal
And the time makes you wonder
When will it heal
So much stress
When will I be able to cut again
How much longer will it take
How much longer till I can cut again

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i've made cutting a thing of my past, and i miss it, but i've been a lot better off without it. live life as if it was worth living
Here is the best advice I can give you. Stop cutting yourself. Stop it! Consider the following poem by Kat Mercado and the suggestion at the end. All Paths Lead To You Life is a challenge – meet it. Life is a gift – accept it. Life is an adventure – dare it. Life is a sorrow – overcome it. Life is a tragedy – face it. Life is a duty – perform it. Life is a game – play it. Life is a mystery – unfold it. Life is a song – sing it. Life is an opportunity – take it. Life is a journey – complete it. Life is a promise – fulfill it. Life is a love – embrace it. Life is a beauty – praise it. Life is a spirit – release it. Life is a struggle – fight it. Life is a puzzle – solve it. Life is a goal – achieve it. Kat Mercado E-mail this poem to e friend Comments about this poem (All Paths Lead To You by Kat Mercado) William Jackson (6/11/2007 1: 10: 00 AM) | Delete this message Great poem! Very optimistic. It makes me think of the Late Dr. Victor Frankl and his book 'Man's Search for Meaning- An Introduction to Logo Therapy.' He was a nazi concentration camp survivor who wrote his dissertation for Logo Therapy on small scaps of paper during his incarceration. He became a great psychiatrist who helped thousands of people find a will to meaning in their lives when they were depressed, hurting themselves, or suicidal. Anyway, great poem, and read the book if you get the chance!