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Poem By Jennifer Alejandra

I'm scared
It's like your my friend
but then again your my enemy as well

Your there for me when i'm sad
and when i just cant take the world anymore

but you really only bring me more pain
and you scar me
reminding me of my failure

Your not that hard to be around
and no one barely seems to notice you

But when your with me
It's like your surrounded by big red lights

Your the type of friend that helps me write out
what I feel
and my emotions

but your the type of friend that brings me pain
and misery

your addicted to me
i'm addicted to you

i cant get enough of you on my skin
i could place you anywhere
but i know that you would make sure to leave your mark
for everyone to see
the secret that no body else knows
but me

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Comments (2)

Thats actually a REALLY good poem! Try to fix your punctuation and stuff though: P (Im a freak when it comes to grammar)
wow. i love it! very well written and so true