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Cutting Away The Fat
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Cutting Away The Fat

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

When one awakens with eyes wide,
Deciding they deserve a better life to live...
And this decision made replaces,
Another attempt to refuse one's doing...
To do what one pleases without excuses.
The time has come for one to realize,
Sacrifices done for others to make...
No longer needs to be proven,
Their interests kept...
Had not been done from a selfishness.

And that time has come to arrive, finally,
For that one to remove...
Any proving to anyone done to do,
To do less to impress or express it.

'What do you mean?
Your time will be spent,
Doing what you choose to do exclusively?
What about me? '

It is difficult to come to that decision to make.
A cutting away the fat from known facts,
To leave intact...
A deliciousness one can accept is theirs alone.
With no longer being distracted,
By possessions.
Needless confessions.
Or explanations given to appease others.
To prioritize one's own druthers?

'Where on Earth,
Did you find 'this' conception? '

When that time comes to one who knows...
They can do whatever they have chosen to do.
Headaches from others accepted leave.
For one to enjoy life happily.

What about me?

~Too much unwanted fat.
And I've awaken to realize,
I feel much better without all of that.
To live my life the way I like it.~

'That's a selfish perception to have.'

~God is good.
I never thought I could,
Know a happiness with such selfishness.
And left feeling deserving,
To be treated to the meat of it.~

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