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Cutting The Bond

The beating of my heart is so fast as i recall things,
it was so sudden...
I feel sad... even worse than sadness..
I never expected that this would happen..
Tears want to fall,
I stopped them.. it shouldn't! !
They shouldn't dropp on my cheeks..
I should stand and learn to forget...

I feel the guilt..
Looking back would just cause me pain again and again.
I must continue without 'it'.
Put down the luggage of memories...
I must move on! !
I'm already starting.

My heart wants to have it back,
But my mind tells me to forget,
Stick with my principles..
I am supposed to be the victim
And shouldn't feel the guilt at all.

You know I did the best to make it last,
But you made it very difficult..
You want me to destroy the shell i'm hiding trough..
I did! ! But you? ? Never! !
And in the end,
You broke my trust and disappointed me so much.

I want these things in front of you,
But events would stop me in doing so.
So, i'll be contented for the meantime for writing this,
And be my pen as my witness.
This may not reach you but i know your thoughts
Would grasp this oh so true..
And so before you sleep tonight,
I hope your mind will communicate with mine
and read the thoughts it screams out.

Maybe i'm not really to worthy to have it
Till the end,
It's okay!
I betrayed too your trust,
I know i'm also lazy along the struggles,
And i'm sorry for my faults,
But still, , this mould be the last.

Before the dot, I want to let my heart speak,
I'm sorry for the aggressive and bitchy lines...
I didn't mean to be rude,
Neither have I dreamt to be a rock while talking to you,
Things triggered me,
I'm still the same person you met before,
Still, , I regret the things that happened.

I hope this will be the last...
Let's mark the end,
Let the bond be buried..
Let us allow time to make the move for us,
Heal the wound that we both created...
For the meantime,
Let us forget things...
Let's live without each other..
Bye for now.. or maybe..

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