Cutting Their Own Throats

They are cutting their own throats.

'Aren't you being a bit dramatic?
Just because people happen to say,
A few things you dislike.
And their opinions seem to swing,
From the left to the right...
Does not mean that is what they are doing!
Or they want to seperate politically,
And do their own thing.
Which is basically the same thing,
The others are doing...
But more fanatically.
People are expressing their disappointment.
Even if half of what has happened,
They have done to themselves.
They have literally created their own problems.'

Come here...
Take a look.

'Oh my!
I thought you meant that metaphorically? '

Meta 'who-ically'?
I don't know what 'that' means!
All I know is what I see.
They are cutting their own throats.
I would not believe it myself,
If I had not witnessed it.

They are!
For real...
They are!
Talk about taking something to the extreme.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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