AS (03-06-1985 / Michigan USA)

Cutting To Cope

First comes the bite,
And then the sting,
And then I for get,

God I’m sorry,
Please forgive me,
Self destruction,
Makes the Pain flee.

Just one gash,
That’s all it takes,
To calm my fears,
To dull my aches.

The smell of iron,
Clears my head,
For it means,
Some blood I’ve shed.

Gone at once,
Is my anxiety,
And in it’s place,
Is sweet sobriety.

One cut two cuts,
Three cuts four,
Why stop now?
Just make one more.

It’s real easy,
Just take the blade,
And break the skin,
Don’t be afraid.

On the floor,
A Bright red stain,
It comforts me
It keeps me sane.

Don’t judge me!
Cause you don’t know,
What I’ve been through,
Why I cause blood to flow.

If you’re good you’ll go to heaven,
If you’re bad you’ll go to hell,
And if you’re me and die today,
You’ll be ringing Satan’s doorbell.

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Comments (3)

i absolutly lovee this poem. very nice! keep writing and ill keep reading! !
this poem is awsome! ! ! !
Its beautiful..i loved it. Such a sing song melody and its a story in itself. You made something so deep understandable to everyone else.