A kinky young man from eBay
Tried cybersex one fine day
Caught his c*ck in the works
Through his physical jerks
It got stuck in the D-V-D tray!

He’d already tried kinky things
With Ethernet cables and rings
With all this abuse
It blew a great fuse
His PC now needs re-wiring!

Another guy from Caerphilly
Tried it but felt a bit silly
He stood on a shelf
And inserted himself
And now he needs a new willy!

copyright Victoria George

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Victoria writes limericks for fun Five quick lines and *'poof'* she's all done But let me now warn you They do tend to be quite blue So if your at all prudish - begone.
You should tell these guys that they are not supposed to get that close to their computers Victoria, it's Mechanism abuse! lol I always thought of cyber sex as a wonder of two very active imaginations....cumming together. Caerphilly? is that Wales I wonder? lol Tai, winking at you