LO (08/13/1945 / UTAH)


Where do you go when your world falls apart,
When words that were said burn a hole in your heart,
Inside you're bleeding, you can't stop the pain
It simply engulfs you like cold winter rain;

What do you do when you don't understand
How your heart can be broken by one careless man,
You thought he would love you 'til your dying day,
Instead he walked out leaving nothing to say;

Where do you run when frustration sets in,
You simply can't stand one more day in your skin,
You're tearing your hair out and can't sleep a wink,
Your nerves are all frayed and you're pushed to the brink;

You run to your PC and pour out your heart,
While being distracted by a button called 'FART'
Get instant advice with a cumulative score,
Hey - that's quality shrinkage, who could ask for more!

by Linda Ori

Comments (7)

Heart in shreds, but head up and sense of humour intact. That's a quality response! And quality rhyming verse and images to boot. You're a tough and realistic lady - but that pain still cuts. Enjoyed this a lot. xxx jim
I too drowned in the deep sorrow!
the fart button...funny...i know you made up the rest of the poem! ! ...loved it...nalini
Haha..the fart button...nice concept...funny ending! yes.. we all run to our computers.....we are almost married to them *wink* Preets
linda...are we just a might miffed here ? Or just a mighty witty Poet? i'll go with choice B, , , Final Answer'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FRANK/FJR
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