I may need a machine within my chest
to help my heart to beat.
I may glide along the pavement
on metal wheels instead of feet,
but, do not offer me pity, I shout out loud
I am me, and of that I am proud.

My spine may not be as straight, my friend,
nor yet as supple as yours.
I may struggle with simple tasks,
like dressing or opening doors,
but, I can still love, I can still feel.
I am human, a woman. Yes, I am real.

by Irene C S ClarkHogg

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i like this one...yes i too have a friend on a wheel chair on PH..he writes funny poems...david darbyshire...a great enlightened soul...they dont need pity...just to be treated have a beautiful way with expressing emotions...frank and matter of you are saying 'like me if you want to'...and 'i dont mind if you dont like me'