I tip my hat to your biologically forced focus
That makes you big and threatening
That makes one fear being roasted on a spit
That makes me fear being eaten by my own biologically forced focus
And when you are vulnerable, it is not a conscious action

I roll around in and out of myself suspended in a sweet isolation chamber
Cleansed of the sticky residue of past negative relationships with people
I'll land on an island where I'd hoped to be alone

Oh and there do I dare to make myself blind?
With cynicism, with snark, with an attitude that cuts into everything
In the throes of anger, I throw trees and huge rocks at escaping ships
In the throes of change, we injure other strangers

Past your left-hand acquaintance
Who tended sheep and hid when he heard a roar and the sound of heavy footsteps
Is a way off this island
It lies in the blissful idiocy of a Swiss cheese heart
Everything gets in but everything goes out again

by Raj Dronamraju

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