Watching Trees Grow

Natural beauty fills all my senses, making them come alive
with vibrancy and verve.

Allotting time to single out what is surrounding me in
joyous happiness, held placatingly inside.

Watching the trunk of a tree grow before me even though I
cannot see it's growth, allows my inner self time to grow.

Branches, twigs, leaves, all perfectly symmetrical and
beautiful, showing off their splendor, seasoning a life of
natural wonder which I carry deep inside.

Always salted to taste, my eyes crave more of it's universe
within my heart and soul.

Fulfilling earthly desires of materialistic glory and greed
are not within me, for I'd be contented living in a tent in
the desert alone, away from society.

Hermit-like is how I feel inside whenever I go off by myself
to hide and write.

The peace is spacious and I can never seem to get enough of
it, although I try every chance I get.

Nothing satisfies me more than being alone with the goodness
God has shown through His natural love.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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