Cymatics Flow

She is playing grand piano
a very tune,
lost missing melody,
purple petals are awaking
unclogging night,
the blank page has opened
making deep concentration, distinct wavelength has seen
through the nerves and veins

The pensive mood
dry leaves falling, sound of banner passing
rising the memory,
a single but distinct wave running
whispering the words into
the music goes through

Cymatics flow
A rapid resonance creating into the matters
grew into life
Creating new forms
leaf growing
makes it meaningful
moving life into land,
its resonance,
shaking and dilatation,
elastic waves in a particular direction
horizontal and vertical destruction

The piano roaring in a right frequency
more and more,
The frequencies turned into
the wind,
making thunder,
light sparking,
through the body and the ripples
its flame a sinusoidal wave,
dancing with the music in the air

The sound has grown heavy
drops of rain falling
diluting the ice, again making particles motion
the new life,
the river,
its chime melts with the music
until the piano's last bit

@Musfiq us shaleheen

by Musfiq us shaleheen

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