Cynical Point Of View

Perceptions you have are yours.
That is not in question.
All I'm saying is that fortuitous opportunities...
Seem not to be dancing, of late, on their agendas.
Selling propaganda seems no longer an issue for them.

I know how it is to be blinded by dazzle.
And making payments to fulfill tax collectors' dreams.
I am not completely a nonconformist!
I have suffered dearly to keep up images myself.
With not a dime in my pocket!

Right now...
I could use a flashlight,
To see the depths of my low credit rating!
Don't laugh!
Laugh when we discuss my current finances!
If Richard Pryor was alive...
He'd be crying right now!
My checking account has more dust in it,
Than money!
You see a hint of a smile on my face?
You will not be able to detect that by radar.
Trust me!
I 'still' have dreams of taking a cruise,
And shopping on Rodeo Drive...
In Hollywood!
That's how attached I am on receiving my piece,
Of that MacIntosh Apple Pie.
With a chicken steaming with vegetables in my pot!
I have not given up my addictions to those visions.

So when I say I admire you?
I admire the way you keep up your pretentions...
You need to open up a can of reality!
And if you have none...
I'll give you a case.
I've been storing that up for years!

Remember when I asked you to loan me five dollars,
And you gave me ten?
I have never forgotten that!
You have a good heart!
There is no debate about your warmth,
Or sincerety of purpose.

It's the thoughts in you head I now question!
And believe me,
It is not your perceptions.
You keep those!
I have my own.
It is how you are dealing with facts that concern me!

Somehow you think your lifestyle,
Is worth efforts to keep maintained!
That is going to change.
Along with any prior delusions you may still have,
That my cynical point of view,
Comes from a destitute childhood!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Lawrence, always a worthwhile & current read. best care xxsjg