Cynics Like Heroes

Though theological reasoning is way over my head
The Pope is infallible on church matters 'tis said
But no such a thing as infallible when it comes to humanity
At least that's how it does seem to a cynic like me.

When her loyal subjects sing out loud 'God save our Queen'
I say to myself what in the heck do they mean?
They should sing out to the Reaper to spare her life instead
For in three decades from now she will surely be dead.

When the Patriots chant we have God on our side
As they wave their flags for which many have died
I think to myself how silly are they
But then thousands like them are born every day.

When i hear a supporter shout my team has won
I do not envy the mother who has raised such a son
For a ticket to watch them in action a big price in money he pay
But it does take all kinds as some are known to say.

The one who is different doesn't follow the crowd
Though when put to the test is not easily cowed
And as for me I'm a cynic or that way inclined
And cynics like heroes are not hard to find.

by Francis Duggan

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