Cynics Like Me

If the prime minister or the monarch were in town today
For to see them i would not go out of my way
And for to go to watch them I'd have to get paid
But without me of course there would be a parade.

And about them of course there would be a big fuss
As if they as a species are different to us
They were born of a woman from the sperm of a man
And their journey through life from the cradle began.

And like the big tree of the forest one day they will fall
For they too must answer to the grim reaper's call
And though at their passing grief may be widespread
A river of tears will not bring back the dead.

Though their welcoming party would do without me
The governor general and his wife i would not go to see
These so called honourable people i have never admired
Though cynics like me are not easily inspired.

A person who works on behalf of the poor i would go to see
Such people are really true heroes to me
Though of their greatness so little we hear of or read
'Tis by good example they only do lead.

by Francis Duggan

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