Poem By Carmina Abrenica

Metamorphosed butterfly
In your palm is where it lies
One rainy Sunday afternoon
In an eye's blink, it flew too soon

Over the rainbows
Under the bridge
Atop a sea wave
Beneath a land anew
Chasing it in clouds of blue

Lost in the meadows of a lonely soul
Hidden in the shadows of despair
Keen is the observer's scope
Through the narrow tunnel of hope

Written in the lonely sky
Is its desire to freely fly
Its plea is its loudest cry
The wing's strokes drawing goodbye

Landed in a world built for two
A home is what it found
The place had chosen you, butterfly
Be calm and rest as you let your tears dry
The sun is givin you a day you'll again fly

Comments about Cynthia

" The sun is givin you a day you'll again fly" i assume " givin" above means " giving" / " givin' " . i like the poem enough. :) i like the variable rhyme 'scheme'. bri :)
Carmina, if you're going to write rhyming, formal poems like this, you need to study them. Poetic Meter and Poetic Form by Paul Fussell is a good book to look at. Also, maybe read Elizabeth Bishop and some other good formal poets. If you have time, check out my new website: Tell me how you like it. Yrs, JC

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