Cyril Baldock

Cyril Baldock of Sydney at seventy from England to France did swim
The oldest ever to do so no challenge too daunting for him
The oldest ever to swim the English channel to his eternal fame
In the Guinness Book of World Records you will find Cyril's name
At seventy years of age Cyril's best years in life are long gone
But from England to France he swam on and on
In a dangerous sea that physically fit swimmers half of his age of exhaustion would surely drown
Cyril conquered exhaustion for his spot in renown
At seventy of the magnitude of his achievement there cannot be any doubt
An amazing feat of physical endurance well worth talking about
One can say of Cyril he is one tough old bloke
He has created a record that may never be broke
Many men of his age feeling stiff, old and lame
Whilst Cyril Baldock from England to France swam his way to fame.

by Francis Duggan

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